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Production Equipment Interconnection Test Bed (EC-IoTTB2017-2009)

Lab Platform Name

Production Equipment Interconnection Test Bed

Initiating Institute

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Talkweb Information System Co., Ltd.

Overview and Objectives

Production equipment interconnection enables connection between the bottom layer of workshop equipment and production-related management information systems. Through organic integration with the bottom layer, production equipment interconnection can improve the coordination between the Management Department and the Production Execution Department, and ensure the coordinated operation of the full production process. In addition, production equipment interconnection can improve the production management level of workshops to achieve rapid production process response and agile manufacturing.

As the basis of comprehensive IT application of production management, production equipment interconnection requires a basic architecture for information collection and transfer to directly improve the production process control capability of workshops and optimize the management methods during business processes. By focusing on improving the manufacturing level of enterprises, production equipment interconnection helps promote the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, improve the systematic design, refined processing, and intelligent control level of the production process, and continuously enhance production and manufacturing flexibility. Production equipment interconnection also helps build a modern digital factory, improves the manufacturing level and rapid response capabilities of enterprises, and allows them to obtain the real-time equipment status and production data.

To realize automatic production, centralized control and management, a production equipment interconnection platform that covers all processes and equipment of a production line is built. Under the guidance of building digital factories, this platform integrates availability and applicability, and meets the current application demands as well as future development requirements. Additionally, the platform accommodates the requirements of workshops for production process management, including production, process, quality, consumption, and equipment management. The platform provides data support for enterprises to learn about the production process and perform timely dispatching.

The specific objectives of the platform are as follows:

●Enabling comprehensive, accurate, and real-time collection of on-site data for all kinds of equipment in production workshops

●Setting up a workshop-level production command and dispatch center

●Strengthening information-based on-site management to further standardize the on-site operation process

●Achieving the statistical analysis of the production, process, quality, consumption, and equipment data in workshops

●Comprehensively integrating with upper-layer management information systems and other underlying automation systems

Application Scenario

Based on edge computing capabilities of Huawei's AR550I Internet of Things (IoT) gateway and the production equipment interconnection platform of Talkweb, the platform adopts advanced technologies including sensing, measurement, data collection, network, computing, control, intelligence, and security technologies. By comprehensively interconnecting and sensing original and new equipment in production workshops, the platform implements large-scope, large-capacity data exchanges among multiple devices and systems, and achieves equipment data collection, transmission, and connection to the cloud. 

This platform is also provided for cloud platform data storage, Big Data analytics, and application modules to optimize the production management mode and deliver intelligent, innovative production management services for users, including:

●Equipment data monitoring and management

●Material and product batch tracking

●Fault alarm reporting and intelligent prediction

●Full-process quality management

●Real-time data analysis

This platform helps enterprises resolve the following production issues:

●Manufacturing enterprises cannot obtain real-time production data, and no reliable data basis is available.

●Employees are busy moving around between workshops and offices, and it is impossible to confirm and ensure the production progress.

●Enterprise leaders cannot learn about the production data when they are on business trips.

●Plan dispatchers are worried about dispatch balancing and have no time to rest.

●Before production report meetings, workshop section administrators are worried that they may not be able to sort out and collect statistics on a large number of production diagrams and reports.

●Frontline operators are worried that leaders cannot grasp their performance level of hard work and are hindered by negative factors.

●Equipment managers are concerned about the lack of timely maintenance and the loss of valuable experience in equipment maintenance.

This platform is applicable to the following enterprises:

●Micro-, small-, and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in various industries

●Enterprises that have various production types featuring multiple varieties of small batches, and multiple types and batch sizes

●Manufacturing enterprises using the production model mixed with Research & Development (R&D) and batch production

●Manufacturing enterprises that implement production based on inventories and orders

●Manufacturing enterprises with complex product techniques and changeable situations and whose production management models require breakthroughs and innovation

●Manufacturing enterprises which want to improve the usage efficiency of equipment

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