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Schneider Electric Uses the EcoStruxure IT Interconnection Architecture to Deploy Cloud and Edge Computing

Schneider Electric leverages its strong capabilities and technology advantages in the IT industry to announce EcoStruxure IT, an interconnection product integrating the IT and OT technologies. This facilitates edge and cloud control as well as converged digitalization applications, analytics, and services. By providing the innovative all-in-one product and solution that provisions services for full lifecycle and physical infrastructure, Schneider Electric supports customers' digital requirements and transformation in this connected world.

Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure IT provides three levels of innovation: connected products, edge control, and applications, analytics, and services.

●Connected products

Schneider Electric provides core products, including low- and medium-voltage devices and IT facilities, as well as integrated, standardized, modular, and prefabricated overall solutions to ensure high efficiency and availability of the physical infrastructure in data centers and other critical environments. For example, Schneider Electric's latest Galaxy VX three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offers large-sized data centers a highly efficient, reliable, and scalable power protection solution. Galaxy VX can be easily and effectively connected to the EcoStruxure cloud platform for remote monitoring and management. In addition, Galaxy VX also supports multiple energy storage solutions such as Lithium Ion, reducing carbon emissions.

●Edge control

Software or smart operation modules support efficient local operations, control, and management of data centers. For example, Schneider Electric's edge control software StruxureWare Data Center Expert and StruxureWare Data Center Operation support real-time local monitoring and emergency management, helping improve transparency of data center operations, optimize and control the performance, and reduce costs. These software programs are essential for decision making.

●Applications, analytics, and services

Applications and services on the cloud enable visualization and predictive analysis of key data as well as service acquisition anytime, anywhere. For example, Schneider Electric's digital services — with StruxureOn as the core — leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to proactively provide information, tools, and other support required by data centers and infrastructure management to predict and prevent accidents and system breakdowns. The services optimize data for feasible information analysis, storage, and transmission, improving the capabilities to make decisions on data center maintenance, common event running, and fault management.

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